Toa NanoClean - Premium Interior Emulsion Paint

TOA NanoClean - Ultra premium interior paint is made from pure Acrylic with Hybrid Nano technology to keep your house safe, clean and durable. TOA NanoClean includes features:
- Silver Nano particles (Nano Silver) in TOA NanoClean can kill up to 99.9% bacteria(*) help to protect your whole family's health and fresh living environment.
- TOA NanoClean has been certified Green Label Singapore. No added Lead, Mercury, APEO and Formaldehyde in the formula.
- Moreover, TOA NanoClean has other outstanding properties: smooth surface, anti-fungus or algae, easy to touch up, high hiding, good coverage, odourless and long lasting color.

(*) Tested with 2 common bacteria Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus.

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Intended use:

TOA NanoClean - Premium interior paint is suitable for new and previously painted interior masonry surfaces such as concrete, cement, brick, gypsum, etc...It is highly recommended for area that requires extra hygiene such as hotel, restaurant, hospital, infirmary, healthcare center,...

Technical Data

  • Color: Refer to catalogue and TCW fan-deck
  • Components: Pure acrylic, pigments, additives & water
  • Paint film surface: Sheen, High Sheen
  • Surface temperature 30°C, relative humidity (RH) 50%: Surface drying time 0.5 hours; time to apply the next layer, at least after 2 hours
  • Theoretical coverage: 10.5 – 14 m²/liter/coat

Construction methods

  • - Application tools: Brush, Roller, Spray gun
  • - After use: Clean equipment with clean water immediately after use

Construction Guide

Step 1 - Surface Preparation:

- New surface:+ Let the surface dry after 28 days in normal condition (average temperature is 25°C -30°C, relative humidity under 75%), the surface moisture is not exceed 16% (specialized measuring testing equipment). pH value is about 6-9.
+ Remove all dust, grease, wax, laitance, chalking and other contamination from the surface by specialized machine as: grinding, sanding, vacuum cleaner, high pressure water jet and proper cleanness. 
+ Apply 2 coats TOA WALL MASTIC EXTERIOR for smooth surface.

- Old surface: + Remove all dust, contamination, loose old paint from the surface by specialized machine as: Grinding, sanding, vacuum cleaner, high pressure water jet and proper cleanness. Treat the area attacked by fungus, algae with proper chemicals.
+ Wash the surface if required, let it fully dry, the substrate moisture must be lower than 16% (specialized measuring testing equipment).
+ Repair the damaged area. Cracks bigger than 0.1mm must be fixed and smoothed by TOA WALL MASTIC EXTERIOR.
+ Apply 1 coat of TOA HYDRO QUICK PRIMER - Premium multipurpose primer for chalky or powdery surface after making surface clean.

Step 2 - Primer: Apply 1 coat of TOA NanoClean.

Step 3 - Top coat: Apply 2 coats of TOA NanoClean.

* Note: Stir well before use and once opened, entire content should be used. Apply between 10°C and 35°C and below 75% relative humidity.

Recommended paint system

Putty: Apply 2 coats of TOA Wall Mastic Interior

Primer: Apply 1 coat of TOA NanoClean Primer

Top coat: Apply 2 coats of TOA NanoClean

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