With nearly 60 years of experience, TOA Paint (Thailand) Public Company Limited (“TOA Paint”) is the No.1 paint brand in Thailand and the technological coatings manufacturer in Southeast Asia. We operate and manufacture in many fields, including paint and coating materials production, chemicals, petrochemicals, car paint technology, etc.

TOA Paint made early entry into Vietnam market in the 1990s through exports and officially established TOA Paint (Vietnam) Co., Ltd in 1995. To date, TOA Paint Vietnam has a distribution network spanning over 1,200 stores across 63 provinces.

With over 27 years of TOA Paint Vietnam’s establishment and development, we have constantly invested in research and promotion of quality paint products, also have achieved remarkable recognition, earning prestigious awards such as the “Premium Products” – Golden Dragon Awards 2023, Top 10 Asia - Pacific Outstanding Brands 2020, Top 10 Leading Brands in Vietnam in 2019. Our decorative paints are certified Green Label Singapore. These achievements demonstrate our commitment to product quality and innovation in the coatings and construction chemicals industries.


VISION:  To become the leading brand in Vietnam powered by the most advance state of the art, paint technology and to provide energy saving and environment friendly products in order to meet the needs of our customers.

MISSION: To continue to research and offer a wide range of eco friendly products through project, OEM and retail channels with profitable growth and sustainable development.





TOA Paint Vietnam Co., Ltd., we want to create the best products, services and commit to saving energy, natural resources and protecting the environment:

  • Always comply with requirements related to Quality Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental and Energy Management.
  • Apply to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 .
  • Improve to achieve continuous improvement in quality, meet all the needs of customers.
  • Control of risk factors that may cause accidents, property damage and adverse environmental effects.
  • Raise personal awareness in the organization, ensuring that all employees understand this policy.


TOA Paint Vietnam has over 27 years of establishment and development
(1995 - 2022).


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