With the orientation "The Leader in Paint Technology", TOA paint always aims to provide the market with quality products, applying modern technology in the production process. The domestic and international awards that TOA paint is honored to receive are objective evidence of continuous efforts in management, production and innovation to create The product is safe for the user and friendly to the environment.


Singapore Green Labelling Scheme
Energy Management Systems ISO 50001:2011
Trusted Green
TOA products are always environmentally friendly, and energy saving in production is also an act of TOA in protecting the environment in Vietnam.
OHSAS 18001:2007 
ISO 50001: 2011 helps organizations to plan and manage energy use in a systematic way; thus helping to save energy in the community, ..
Quality Standards in Vietnam - CR
In the past few years, QUACERT has become a popular brand associated with the products and goods of thousands of organizations.
National Green Environment
Certification to select the best performing companies in environmental protection. On this occasion, TOA was honored to be ranked 13 out of 106 enterprises
ISO 14001 - Certificate of Environmental Management
ISO 14000 is a set of environmental management standards issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to help paint the TOA to minimize environmental damage.
ISO 9001 - Certificate of Quality Management
ISO 9001 is a tool that helps TOA paint Vietnam to create the optimum quality of products and services. The benefits that customers receive include:


Top 10 Of "Asia Pacific Outstanding Brands” 2020 Award
TOA Paint Vietnam honorably receive the award Top 10 "Asia Pacific Outstanding Brands” in 2020 by the Asia Pacific Magazine Board of organizers and the regarding organizers.
Top 10 Vietnam Leading Brands 2019
"Vietnam Leading Brands 2019" research and communication program is a place to connect prestige corporations in order to honor brands/ corporations with positive and effective contribution to improve customers' experience among Vietnam market.
Prime Minister’s Export Award 2003
Prime Minister's Award, Thailand's Most Admired Brand 2016 is an award from the Thai consumers voted for the most trusted and admired products in Thailand. Since then TOA is believed to be used in Thailand in particular and in Southeast Asia in general.
SuperBrands Award
SuperBrands is the award for businesses that are credited by customers not only in one country but in the international marketplace. Therefore, the honor for TOA to receive this award
Trusted Brands 2016
Trusted Brands is a prestigious award, high-quality international quality management system with excellent customer service and customer care.
Sustainable Development Company 2014
This is an important reward that marks the sustainable development of TOA paint in the context of difficult country, step by step confirming TOA Vietnam's position in the Southeast Asian paint market,
ASEAN Trademarks and Sustainable Development 2015
The Top 10 Brands & Sustainability Awards for ASEAN 2015 is an encouragement and recognition of TOA Paint Vietnam's efforts.
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