TOA Thoai Mai Lau Chui - Premium Interior Emulsion Paint

TOA Thoai Mai Lau Chui premium interior emulsion paint is manufactured from acrylic emulsion resin, which can fight bacteria on the surface of the paint film without causing harm to human health. With the application of Clean Max technology, you can easily clean common stains without losing the aesthetics of the paint film. Beautiful smooth paint film, high coverage, maximum cleaning resistance with a slight Violet flower scent to bring a pleasant feeling of relaxation to your living space. No added lead, mercury, APEO and formaldehyde in the formulation.

Volume: 18L, 5L, 1L.

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Intended use:

TOA Thoai Mai Lau Chui is suitable for interior decoration on new and old surfaces such as concrete, cement walls, bricks, tiles, plaster, lightweight cement panels,...

Technical Data

  • Color: According to TOA emulsion paint catalogue & TOA fandeck
  • Ingredients: Film forming agent, mineral powder, additives & water
  • Paint film surface: Hi-sheen, Sheen
  • Solids volume: 39 ± 2 (% by volume)
  • Theoretical coverage: 9.8 – 13 (m²/liter/layer)
  • Surface temperature 30°C, relative humidity RH 50%:
  • - Surface drying time: 0.5 hours
  • - Time to apply the next layer, minimum: 2 hours
  • Volatile Organic Matter (VOCs):
  • - Hi-Sheen: ≤ 70 g/L
  • - Sheen Matte: ≤ 30 g/L
  • Lead content: Not more than 0.001%

Construction methods

  • Construction tools: Brush, roller, spray gun
  • Dilution ratio: The paint is ready to use after being uniformly mixed. If there is a need for dilution, only 5% should be mixed with clean fresh water. Dilution ratio 10% - 15% (depend on application), clean equipment with water immediately after using.

Construction Guide

New surface:

- Let the surface dry after 28 days under normal conditions (average temperature is about 25°C - 30°C, relative humidity is less than 75%), the surface humidity must be below 16% (checked by a specified device). Remove all dirt, grease, cement resin, chalked surfaces and other impurities with specialized equipment and clean.
- For a smooth surface, use 2 coats of TOA Wall Mastic.

Old surface:

- Clean the surface, remove dirt, old paint. Treat surfaces affected by algae and mold with appropriate chemicals. Rinse the surface (if necessary) and allow it to dry completely, the surface moisture content should be below 16% (check with specialized equipment).
- Use 1 coat of TOA Hydro Quick Primer premium multi-purpose primer for chalky surfaces or poor adhesion.

Requirements for construction conditions:

Stir paint thoroughly before use. After opening the cap must be used up. Apply between 10°C and 35°C and below 75% relative humidity.

Recommended paint system

Putty: 2 coats of TOA Wall Mastic interior

Primer: 1 coat of TOA NanoClean Primer

Topcoat: 2 coats of TOA Thoai Mai Lau Chui

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