TOA Hydro Quick Primer – Premium multipurpose primer

TOA Hydro Quick Primer is a special primer made from styrene acrylic that not added lead, mercury in the formula with the features of excellent adhesion, effective alkali resistance and efflorescence resistance.

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Intended use:

TOA Hydro Quick Primer is especially designed for new masonry surfaces dry after 3 days in normal condition; or old surface, chalking or poor adhesion surfaces where is attacked by alkali, water and efflorescence help improve alkali and water resistance ability. Product is suitable for both interior and exterior.


  • Color: white
  • Components: styrene acrylic, pigments, additives & water
  • Substrate temperature 30°C, relative humidity 50%: Drying time ː surface (touch) dry 0.5 hour; painting interval ː 2 hours
  • Theoretical coverage: 10.3-13.7 m²/ litre/ coat

Construction methods

  • Application tools: brush, roller, spray gun
  • Dilution: the paint is ready to use after proper stirring until homogeneous. If thinning is required, clean water may be added up to a maximum of 5%

Construction Guide

Step 1 – Surface Preparation:

New surface:

+ The surface dry after 3 days, the substrate moisture is lower than 30% and pH is lower than 11 (specialized measuring testing equipment).

+ Remove all dust, grease, wax, laitance, chalking and others contamination from the surface by specialized machine and proper cleanness.

Old surface:

+ Remove all dust, fungus, algae, loose old paint or others contamination from the surface by specialized machine as: grinding, sanding, vacuum cleaner, high pressure water jet and proper cleanness.

+ Then, treat the areas attacked by fungus, algae with proper chemicals. Wash the surface if required, let it fully dry, the substrate moisture must be lower than 30% (specialized measuring testing equipment).

+ The damaged areas, cracks must be repaired and make smooth by proper materials.

Step 2 - Primer: Apply 1 coat of TOA Hydro Quick Primer.

Step 3 – Top coat: Apply 2 coats of TOA interior or exterior.

*Note: Stir well before use and once opened, entire content should be used. Apply when temperature is from 10°C to 35°C and relative humidity under 75%.

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