WIN Spray

WIN Spray is aerosol lacquer specially formulated for using in tropical regions. It offers high gloss film, quick drying and excellent adhesion.

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Intended use:

WIN Spray is suitable for protection and decoration surface of interior household items, office, electrical device, etc…

Technical Data

  • Component ratio: Binder (10%-20%); Powder (5%-10%); Solvent (50%-70%); Additive (0%-5%); LPG (20%-25%)
  • Color : Refer to catalogue
  • Paint film appearance: Gloss and Matt
  • Theoretical coverage:
  • Drying time: 0.6 - 1m²/can/coat approx.
  • Touch dry: 3-7 mins
  • Hard dry: After 1 hr

Construction methods

Construction Guide

1.Free surface from oil, grease, rust, mill scale and other contaminations.
2.Shake can thorough  2 minutes before using.
3.Spray from a distance about 20-30cm.
4.For better result, apply several thin coat with an interval of 10 minutes.
5.It is recommended to prime surface with appropriate primer before applying top coat. 
To maximize durability and gloss, apply one more coat of clear 231. 
6.After spraying turn can upside down and press sprayhead to clean the spray nozzle.

Recommended paint system

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