Mandarin Duck Grey Oxide Primer

Mandarin Duck red oxide primer is produced from high quality Alkyd resin and special rust inhibitive pigment. This is the safe paint for health since Lead & Mercury aren't used in manufacturing process

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Intended use:

Mandarin Duck grey oxide primer is quick drying, rust prevention primer, suitable for iron and steel surface in the such application as: construction structures, machineries, railways, gates, trellis, windown, towers, tanks, etc….

Technical Data

  • Color: Grey
  • Component: Binder(20-30%), Powder(55-65%), Solvent (10-20%), Additive (1-10%)
  • Theoretical coverage: 13-16 m²/litre/coat approx
  • Drying time:
  • - Touch dry: after 30 mins
  • - Painting interval: after 8 hours

Construction methods

  • Application tools: Brush, Spray gun, Roller
  • Dilution thinner: TOA Thinner #21
  • Dilution ratio: Depend on application
  • Brush/Roller: 0% - 10% by volume
  • Spray gun: 10% - 20% by volume

Construction Guide

Step 1 - Surface preparation:
- Make sure the surface is dry and clean, free from grease, oil, waxy contamination, rust or mill scale.
- Remove old paint and clean old surface by appropriate sandpaper.
Step 2 - Primer: For metal surface apply 1-2 coat(s) of Mandarin Duck grey oxide primer
Step 3 - Top coat: Apply 2 coats of Mandarin Duck alkyd high gloss enamel
*Note: Stir well before using and once opened, entire contents should be used.| Do not apply when temperature is lower than 15ºC or humidity is higher than 85%. Surface temperature must be 3ºC higher than the dew point

Recommended paint system

- For metal surface: 1 - 2coat(s) of Mandarin Duck grey oxide primer
- For wood surface: 1-2 coat(s) of suitable primer

Top coat: 2 coats of Mandarin Duck alkyd high gloss enamel

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