Homecote Grey Oxide Primer

Homecote grey oxide primer is produced from high quality Alkyd resin and special rust inhibitive pigment. This is the safe paint for health since Lead & Mercury aren't used in manufacturing process

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Intended use:

Homecote grey oxide primer is quick drying, rust prevention primer, suitable for iron and steel surface in the such application as: construction structures, machineries, railways, gates, trellis, windown, towers, tanks, etc….

Technical Data

  • Component: Binder(20-30%), Powder(55-65%), Solvent (10-20%), Additive (1-10%)
  • Theoretical coverage: 13 - 16 m²/litre/coat approx
  • Drying time :
  • - Touch dry: after 30 mins
  • - Painting interval: after 8 hours

Construction methods

  • Application tools: Brush, Spray gun, Roller
  • Dilution thinner: TOA Thinner #21
  • Dilution ratio: Depend on application
  • Brush/Roller: 0% - 10% by volume
  • Spray gun: 10% - 20% by volume

Construction Guide

Step 1 - Surface preparation:
- Make sure the surface is dry and clean, free from grease, oil, waxy contamination, rust or mill scale.
- Remove old paint and clean old surface by appropriate sandpaper.
Step 2 - Primer: For metal surface apply 1-2 coat(s) of Homecote grey oxide primer
Step 3 - Top coat: Apply 2 coats of Homecote alkyd high gloss enamel
*Note: Stir well before using and once opened, entire contents should be used.| Do not apply when temperature is lower than 15ºC or humidity is higher than 85%. Surface temperature must be 3ºC higher than the dew point

Recommended paint system

- For metal surface: 1 - 2 coat(s) of Homecote grey oxide primer
- For wood surface: 1 - 2 coat(s) of suitable primer

Top coat: 2 coats of Homecote alkyd high gloss enamel

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