Supertech Pro

Supertech Pro Exterior is made from Acrylic emulsion for exterior protection. Matt and smooth finising film could stand up for severe weather condition with good light fatness, chalking resistance. New technologies make the product with good quality, high coverage, good alkali resistance, anti fungus and algae and UV resistance. No addded formldehyde, lead & mercury.   

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Intended use:

Supertech Pro Exterior is suitable for new and previously painted exterior masonry surface such as concrete, cement, brick, etc…

Technical Data

  • Component: Binder (10% - 20%), Powder (25% - 45%), Water (25% - 35%)
  • - Theoretical coverage: 11 - 13 m²/litre/coat
  • - Drying time:
  • - Touch dry: 30 mins
  • - Painting interval: 120 mins

Construction methods

  • Application tools: Brush, Roller, Spray gun
  • Dilution: Clean Water
  • Dilution ratio: 10% - 15% by volume (depend on application), clean equipment with water immediately after using.

Construction Guide

Step 1 - Surface preparation:
New surface:
+ Let the surface dry after 28 days in normal condition (average temperature is 30ºC, relative humidity is about 80%), the substrate moisture is lower than <16% according to Protimeter. Remove all dust, grease, wax from the surface.
+ Apply 2 coats of TOA Wall Mastic exterior for smooth surface.
- Old surface:
+ Remove all dust, contamination, loose old paint. Treat the area attacked by fungus, algae with proper chemicals. Wash the surface if required, let it fully dry, the substrate moisture must be lower than 16% according to Protimeter.
+ Repair damage area. Crack bigger than 0.1mm must be fixed and make smooth by TOA wall mastic exterior. Apply one coat of TOA 4 Season Super Contact sealer for chalky or powdery surface after making surface clean.
Step 2 - Primer: Apply 1 coat of Supertech Pro alkali sealer
Step 3 - Top coat: Apply 2 coats of Supertech Pro exterior
*Note: Stir well before use and once opened, entire content should be used. Do not apply when the air temperature is under 15ºC, the relative humidity is higher than 80%.

Recommended paint system

Putty: 2 coats of TOA Wall Mastic exterior|

Primer: 1 coat of Supertech Pro alkali sealer|

Topcoat: 2 coats of Supertech Pro exterior

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