TOA 7in1

TOA 7in1 is made from pure Acrylic with Hydrid Nano technology with the high elongation, provides maximum coverage and protects the surface of construction from serve weather conditions. TOA 7in1 has got good performance with 7 items as the following out-standings:

1.Cover hair-line cracks and effectively protect the surface with high elongation.

2.Dirt pick up.

3.Excellent UV resistance.

4.Good waterproofing.

5.Anti-algae and fungus.

6.Long lasting color thanks to good light fastness and alkali resistance.

7.Contain no added lead and no added mercury, low V.O.C. *Certificated Green Label by Singapore Environment Council.

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Intended use:

TOA 7in1 is suitable for covering static hair-line cracks lower than 0.1 mm.
TOA 7in1 is applied for new and previously painted exterior masonry surfaces such as concrete, cement, brick,…


  • Binder: 40% - 50%
  • Powder : 20% - 40%
  • Water: 5% - 10%
  • Color: Refer to catalogue of product and TCW fandex
  • Finish: Semi-gloss
  • Specific gravity: 1.13 - 1.35
  • % Solid by volume: 37 - 39
  • Theoretical coverage: 5.0 – 6.0 m²/litre/ coat approx

Construction methods

  • - Application tools: Brush, Roller, Spray gun
  • - Dilution: Ready to use

Construction Guide

Step 1 - Surface Preparation:

  •  New surface: 

- Let the surface dry after 28 days in normal condition (average temperature is 30oC; relative humidity is about 80%).
- The substrate moisture is lower than 16%.
- Remove all dust, grease, wax from the surface.
- Apply 2 coats TOA WALL MASTIC / TOA PRO PUTTY for smooth surface.

  •  Old surface:

- Remove all dust, contamination, loose old paint. Treat the area attacked by fungus, algae with proper chemicals.
- Wash the surface if required. Let it fully dry. The substrate moisture must be lower
than 16%.
- Repair the damaged area. Big cracks must be fixed and make smooth by TOA WALL MASTIC EXTERIOR / TOA PRO PUTTY.

Step 2 - Primer: 
- New surface: 1 coat of SUPERSHIELD SUPER SEALER
- Old surface: 1 coat of TOA SUPER CONTACT SEALER
Step 3 - Topcoat: 2-3 coats of TOA 7IN1

* Note: Stir well before use and once opened, entire content should be used. Do not apply when the air temperature is under 15oC, the relative humidity is higher than 80%

Recommended paint system



  • New surface: 1 coat of SUPERSHIELD SUPER SEALER
  • Old surface: 1 coat of TOA SUPER CONTACT SEALER
  • Top coat: 2-3 coats of TOA 7IN1


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