Exterior emulsion paint

SuperShield - Ultra premium exterior paint is produced from pure Acrylic in which Self Cleaning technology is applied, and highly durable pigment with Ti-Pure™. SuperShield has got outstanding properties:
+ Protect construction buildings up to 15 years
+ Ti-Pure™ technology developed from Titanium Triple Protection (3 times protection), makes the paint film durable, waterproof, UV resistant and reaches maximum durability.
+ Self Cleaning technology helps to maintain a fresh, clean and firm film. SuperShield has achieved fifteen years of outdoor performance.
*** Ti-Pure™ is a trademark of the Chemours Company TT, LLC, and is used under license by TOA Paint (VietNam) Co, Ltd.

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Intended use:

SuperShield - Ultra premium is suitable for exterior decoration on new and old surfaces such as cement walls, concrete, plaster, bricks, tiles, lightweight cement panels,... high-class civil and industrial constructions with high durability and aesthetic requirements, works in coastal areas or places with high humidity,...


  • Color: According to color chart and color fan TOA Color World
  • Components: Film forming agent, mineral powder, additives & water
  • Paint film surface: Super glossy, Matte
  • Surface temperature 30°C, relative humidity (RH) 50%: Surface drying time 0.5 hours; time to apply the next layer, at least after 2 hours
  • Theoretical Coverage: 10.1 – 13.5 m²/liter/layer

Construction methods

  • Application tools: Brush, Roller, Spray gun
  • Dilution: Clean water
  • Dilution ratio: 10%-15% (depend on application), clean equipment with clean water immediately after using

Construction Guide

Step 1 - Surface Preparation:

- New surface
+ Concrete, mortar must be completely cured after 28 days under normal conditions (average temperature is about 25°C-30°C, relative humidity is less than 75%). Surface humidity must be below 16% (check with specialized equipment). The surface pH should be between 6-9.
+ Remove all dirt, grease, cement resin, chalked surfaces and other impurities, by specialized equipment such as grinders, sanders, vacuum cleaners, high pressure clean water washing machines and cleaned thoroughly.
+ For a smooth surface, use 2 coats of TOA Pro Putty high-grade exterior putty.

- Old surface
+ Clean the surface, remove dirt, moss, mold, old paint by specialized equipment such as grinder, sander, vacuum cleaner, high pressure clean water machine. Then, re-treat the mossy and moldy areas with appropriate chemicals.
Rinse the surface with clean water and let it dry completely. Surface humidity must be below 16% (check with specialized equipment).
+ Damaged areas, cracks, need to be repaired and leveled with suitable materials.
+ Use 1 coat of TOA Hydro Quick Primer premium multi-purpose primer for chalky surfaces or poor adhesion.

Step 2 - Primer: Apply 1 coat of SuperShield Super Sealer

Step 3 - Topcoat: Apply 2 coats of SuperShield

* Note: Stir well before use and once opened, entire content should be used. Apply between 10°C and 35°C and below 75% relative humidity.

Recommended paint system

Putty: 2 coats of TOA Pro Putty/ TOA Wall Mastic exterior

Primer: Apply 1 coat of SuperShield Super Sealer

Topcoat: Apply 2 coats of SuperShield

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