Ti – Pure™

Ti-Pure combines Titanium Triple Protection technology with 3-layer processing technology and superior acrylic resin to protect the building three times under severe weather conditions.

According to TOA, two major breakthrough technologies, Titanium Triple Protection & Ti-Pure™, and Self Cleaning technology help dirt can not stick to the paint film, easily excels in rainwater or when using water. This technology has been successfully applied in SuperShield products. Improving these technologies has helped TOA increase sustainable value for every construction project.
According to architects and construction experts, the current line of paint is not only aesthetic but also durable over time, good waterproofing and friendly to the environment as well as the user. To address this, TOA has successfully applied Ti - Pure™ technology into the product. Ti - Pure™ is developed from Titanium Triple Protection (3 times protected) with high durability, which gives the beautiful film under weather conditions and effect of the UV. This superior technology is a "secret weapon" that improves the lifespan of a building as beautifully as it has a record of 15 years.

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