The introduction of 3M™ in TOA 4 Seasons product is the milestone of TOA Paint Vietnam success in the application of latest technologies in paint industry

3MTM technology from the United States is one of the most modern technologies applied to the TOA 4 Seasons exterior paint line including: TOA 4 Seasons Exterior Satin Glo High Sheen, TOA 4 Seasons Exterior Satin Glo, TOA 4 Seasons Exterior Tropic Shield.

3MTM technology with 3MTM Fluorosurfactants is widely available in a variety of fields such as electronic boards, computers, apparel and decorative paints. 3MTM Fluorosurfactants add to the self-cleaning ability of the paint film, effectively removing dirt from the surface of the paint film, helping to effectively tackle dust, weather conditions, and bright colors all over time.

After one year of practical testing at the TOA Vietnam paint laboratory, the comparison of the coating after 12 months between conventional exterior paints and TOA 4 Seasons exterior paints using 3MTM Fluorosurfactants has shown that the difference, TOA 4 Seasons exterior paint with 3MTM Fluorosurfactants keeps the aesthetics, bright colors and time.

3MTM technology and other technologies such as Ti - Pure, Titanium, Microban, ... and orientation Greenovation is TOA 's top priority in producing: products must be safe, environmentally friendly; the paint is not only a decorative surface covering the wall, but also protects the user inside the house.

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