Microban® is the world's most prestigous anti-microbial and mold protection technology, causing the bacteria to weaken, can not grow, reproduce anymore

Microban® is the world's most reputable anti-microbial and mold protection technology. This ingredient, when mixed in the product, will provide a strong protective barrier by penetrating the bacterial bark and disrupting its cellular function, causing the bacteria to weaken and can not grow, reproduce anymore.

TOA has successfully applied Microban® antibacterial protection technology in SuperShield DuraClean, SuperShield DuraClean A+  ultra premium interior paint, which helps prevent bacteria and mold. TOA is the only certified company to use Microban® in paints.

SuperShield DuraClean A + interior film with Microban®, helps to protect people from the risk of infections caused by common bacteria such as diarrhea, allergies, respiratory infections, etc. This is also why Microban products are recommended for use in highly hygienic projects such as hospitals, clinics, kindergartens, schools, and so on.

Antibacterial Testing of Microban®  Coatings  vs Non-Microban® Coatings
Bacteria cannot growth or proliferate in paint which applies Microban®

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