Accompany With Mandarin Duck And Homecote Alkyd High Gloss Enamel For The Pediatric Patients

With the hope of bringing a meaningful Tet for the pediatric patient with cancerous linoleum at HCMC Children's Hospital 2, Hanoi National Hospital of Pediatrics and K Hospital in Hanoi, TOA Paint Vietnam has cooperated with Tuoi Tre Newspaper to accompany with the charity fundraising activity named "Xuan Yeu Thuong”.

"Xuan Yeu Thuong" is an activity in the series of "Dream of Thuy"program.  Initially, it was a spontaneous program by LE THANH THUY, a young girl who was fighting with cancer. With a dream of sharing and inspiring the life’s spirit to the pediatric patients, this story was published in Tuoi Tre Newspaper and quickly attracted high attention from the society and evoked the beautiful lifestyle among youth generation. This program has become an annual activity organized by Tuoi Tre Newspaper. This year, TOA Paint Vietnam is proud to join "Xuan Yeu Thuong" with 2 main activities:

  1. Extract 500đ / 1 litre of Mandarin Duck & Homecote alkyd high gloss enamel paint which will be sold within November and December, 2016.
  2. Investing to produce and sell ''Xuan yeu Thuong'' T-shirt

Among different product lines of TOA Paint Vietnam, Homecote and Mandarin Duck alkyd high gloss enamel paint are proud to become the representative to accompany with “Xuan Yeu Thuong”.

With the message "Safe paint for health" & "Without using Lead & Mercury in manufacturing process", Mandarin Duck & Homecote alkyd high gloss enamel paint as well as other products of Toa Paint Vietnam are produced with the best quality material, bringing to the market the products with safe for health and friendly environment features. Not only take care of people’s health, Mandarin Duck & Homecote also concern about community and unlucky life, especially cancer  patients. This charity program is among the steps that TOA Paint Vietnam contributed for the community and society healthcare actions.

Mr. Udom Parichartwutthikul, General Director of TOA Paint Vietnam proudly said that, "Xuan Yeu Thuong 2015 is an activity to support and encourage the pediatric patients with cancerous linoleum for the hope of bringing a warmer, happier and more meaningful Tet holiday. On behalf of TOA Paint Vietnam, we would like to send a special thanks to all the people who have accompanied with our journey. With every liter of Mandarin Duck & Homecote alkyd high gloss enamel paint and T-shirt that we sold, we have contributed a small part to support the children. The money will be used for gift giving and organizing Spring Festivals for children on the upcoming Lunar New Year. TOA Paint Vietnam is not only a business enterprise, we are also a part of the community, with the orientation of sustainable development and developing towards community, we commit to continuously participate in the community activities as well as providing the best products and services to bring a better life for Vietnamese people".

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