Colors and Feng Shui for the Water age people

To choose colors in decoration as well as apply to the daily items should follow certain feng shui rules. Let’s find out which colors are suitable for Water by this article. 

Water symbolize tenderness. Water age people use an indirect approach to achieve their goals. Despite the destructive power (such as historical floods), Water still has a great beauty when it gently flows beneath the obstacles. 

The Water age includes: Binh Ty – 1936, 1996, Quy Ty – 1953, 2013, Nham Tuat – 1982, Dinh Suu – 1937, 1997, Binh Ngo – 1966, Quy Hoi – 1983, Giap than – 1944, 2004, Dinh Mui – 1967, At Dau – 1945, 2005, Giap Dan – 1974, Nham Thin – 1952, 2012, At Mao – 1975.

Suitable colors

The colors of the Water, the Wood and the Metal are good for most people. The Water age people should use black, blue, white, metallic colors. 



Blue sky represents the sparkle and splendor of the elements of color. There are many shades of blue from the light blue of water to the blue of the sea and deeper than the dark blue of the gem. In Feng Shui, blue brings freshness and freshness.The blue sky in feng shui is suitable for cung Gia Dao and Cung Tai Loc. Blue is good for developing and expanding wealth, while dark blue evokes a source of calm and composure.



Black always expresses the mystery, represents the source of magical energy and sophistication. It also gives you strength and protection. Black is the color of the night, of the deep waters and vastness of the earth. Black brings the depth, power and clarity of the boundaries of your home, it is also the color that gives security and protection to the home. 

Unsuitable colors 

Do not use the color brown, yellow, red which belong to the Earth and the Fire. Because these are the color carved with Water, bringing bad effects for life. 

Choosing colors according to Feng Shui is not a compulsory but necessary activity in our lives. So choose the colors that you feel most comfortable and beautiful. Wish you're always happy.

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