Maximum moisture resistance primer TOA Extra Wet Primer

TOA Extra Wet Primer is premium sealer, used Hydro Block Power Technology to prevent moisture and alkaline for new concrete, cement surface which only 7 days dried or has high humidity (lower than 40%, measured by Protimeter).

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Intended use:

Paint film strucutre allows moisture to escape and evaporate easily, hence TOA Extra Wet Primer is really useful solution for construction work which needs to apply paint soon to catch deadline. Product is suitable for new and previously painted interior and exterior masonry surfaces such as concrete, brict, etc. Furthermore, with adhesion promoter technology from Europe, TOA Extra Wet Primer also helps to prevent blister and peeling off under high humidity condition.

Technical Data

  • - Component: Binder (15% - 25%), Solvent (25% - 35%), Powder (40% - 50%), Additive (0% - 5%)
  • - Touch dry: after 60 mins
  • - Painting interval: after 3 hours
  • - Theoretical coverage: 7.5 - 8.5 m²/ litre/ coat

Construction methods

  • - Application tools: Brush, roller, spray gun
  • - Dilution: Not recommended, clean equipment with water immediately after using.

Construction Guide

Step 1 -  Surface preparation:
- New surface:
+ Able to be applied right after 7 days dried and humidity lower than 40% (measured by Protimeter).
+ Free surface form dirt, grease, oil or other contamination.
- Old surface:
+ Clean the surface by brush (metal brush is not recommended).
+ Remove the fungus and algae by suitable chemical.
+ Repair damaged area. Cracks bigger than 0.1mm must be fixed and smoothened.
Step 2 - Primer: Apply 1 - 2 coat(s) of TOA Extra Wet Primer.
Step 3 - Topcoat: Apply 2 coats of TOA emulsion paint (Do not use TOA 7in1 exterior emulsion paint).
* Note: Stir well before use and once opened, entire content should be used. Do not apply when the air temperature is under 15oC, the relative humidity is higher than 85%.

Recommended paint system

Primer: 1 - 2 coat(s) of TOA Extra Wet Primer

Topcoat: 2 coats of TOA emulsion paint (Do not use TOA 7in1 exterior emulsion paint)

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