TOA Weatherkote No.3

TOA Weatherkote No.3 is a high grade bitumen emulsion for waterproofing and protecting concrete, wood and metal. After drying, it forms a black bitumen film which is sustainable, flexible, no sagging.

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Intended use:

TOA Weatherkote  No.3 is used for waterproofing for proof, gutter, kitchen, toilet area and other concrete structures, it is also used for waterproofing for boats, damp proofing for wall and ground floor. Besides, TOA Weatherkote No.3 is also used as a protective coat to prevent chassis, metal structure and roofing from rust.


  • Components: Bitumen / Asphalt (52% - 53%); Additive (7% - 8%); Water (<40%)
  • Theoretical coverage: 2m²/ kg /coat
  • Color: Black
  • Specific gravity: 0.95 - 1.05 litre/kg
  • Painting interval: 4 - 6 hours

Construction methods

  • - Application Tools: Brush
  • - Dilution Thinner: Fresh water

Construction Guide

For WaterProofing
Step 1: Surrface preperation
The surrface must be clean, free from dust, fungus and oil, greases and no peeling off. The surrface must be dry, all cracks should be repaired before applying
Step 2: Dilution & Application
First coat: Dilute TOA Weatherkote No.3 with clean water at ratio 1:1, then brush into the surface
Second coat: Let the firrst coat dry for 4-6 hour. Brush next coat of pure TOA Weatherkote No.3 in a ratio of 0.5kg/m²/coat.
For Rust Prevention
Step 1: Surrface preperation
Clean and remove rust from metal surface.
Step 2: Dilution & Application
Brush 2 layers of pure TOA Weatherkote No.3 in ratio of 0.5 kg/m2/coat. Let the first coat dry for 4-6 hours then apply second coat.
Leave until full curing.
Use only water to dulite, do not use organic solvent or oil. Keep the remaining of TOA Weatherkote No.3 in a tightly colsed container. Clean up wet tool with water and dry one wwith kerosene

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