TOA Eco Care

TOA Eco Care technology is added into TOA paint products to create environmentally-friendly building materials

In recent years, green technology has been used and applied a lot in life when people become aware of the danger of global pollution. In the building materials industry in general, the paint industry in particular, the concept of environmentally friendly, health protection is being promoted, in order to bring a green life, avoid the carcinogenic factors.

TOA Eco Care technology is incorporated into paint products to create environmentally-friendly building materials that ensure user safety in the context of the changing climate of the Earth to daily activities: SuperShield, SuperShield DuraClean, SuperShield DuraClean A+, TOA 7IN1, TOA NanoShield, TOA NanoClean, TOA Thoai Mai Lau Chui, TOA 4 Seasons, Supertech Pro ...

TOA Ecocare Technology

With TOA Eco Care, the composition of the current TOA paint products will:

1. Does not contain:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Halogen solvent
  • Aromatic solvent
  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Chromium

2. All coatings must have a flash point of 61° C or greater
3. Does not contain - Methylpyrrolidone (NMP)
4. Volatile organic compound content should not exceed the following standards (ISO 11890-2)

Water-based paints: Water-based paint and water-based pigments must have a VOC content not exceeding:


Glossiness at 60angle






< 10 (<15 angle 85o)




< 15 (≥15 angle 85o)



Semi Gloss

15 - 65




> 65




Solvent-base paint:

+ Paint or water-base products must have a VOC content not exceeding 200 grams / liter.

+ Solvent-based varnish must have a VOC content not exceeding 250 grams / liter

Mr.Udom Parichartwutthikul - General Manager of TOA Paint Vietnam Ltd., said: "Investing in green technology is our long-term goal and we are pursuing it. We want to associate with the green label for a friendly and healthy environment, for a sustainable Vietnam. TOA will provide more and more environmentally friendly products through green technology. "


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