HeavyGuard TopGuard
Topguard is a two-packed acrylic polyurethane topcoat with excellent gloss and retention. Use for exterior
Sử dụng : Exterior / Polyurethane

HeavyGuard EpoGuard Enamel
Epoguard Enamel is two-part high gloss epoxy topcoat for interior. It has excellent durability and adhesion properties. Good for chemical resistance.
Sử dụng : Interior / Epoxy

HeavyGuard EpoGuard Varnish
Epoguard Varnish is epoxy primer for concrete. Compose with epoxy and polyamide resin.
Sử dụng : Epoxy

HeavyGuard Rusttech
TOA Rusttech is a high quality anti-rust 2 parts expoxy primer. Excellent in anti-rust and adhesion properties.
Sử dụng : Epoxy

HeavyGuard Coaltar Epoxy 111
Coaltar epoxy 111 is a two-pack rust preventing coal tar epoxy paint.
Sử dụng : Coaltar

HeavyGuard Coaltar BondGuard
Bondguard is 2 - component modified non bleed tar epoxy paint.
Sử dụng : Coaltar

HeavyGuard SilGuard 400
Silguard is a silicone resin aluminium paint
Sử dụng : Epoxy

HeavyGuard FloorGuard
Floorguard is a heavy duty floor coating got concrete, base on non-solvent epoxy resin withsmooth ans self leveling property.
Sử dụng : Epoxy

HeavyGuard EpoGuard W
Epoguard W is a high build 2 packed epoxy as a primer/topcoat using for interior pipe lining and tank containing patable water. Approved according pipeline transportation drinking water standard. No coal tar containing.
Sử dụng : Epoxy

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