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TOA NanoClean Hi-Sheen
Hygienic Hybrid Nano technology keep your house safely, fresh beauty and durability.
HygienicHybrid Nano technology combine the preeminent function of Nano Fluoro Carbon for easy washing and Nano Silver for complete Anti Bacteria. From 2012, TOA Nanoshield enhance Surface Protector by Teflon Technology which is exclusive from Dupont Corporation
Type : Water Base
Application Type : Interior
Coating Step : Topcoat
Product Features :
It effectively resists saponification and efflorescence on lime plaster, asbestos cement, concrete. No added lead & mercury.

Typical uses :
It is suitable for application on the surface : plaster, concrete, brick, and any surfaces especially for area that requires extra hygiene like kitchen, children bedroom, alley, hallway, kindergarten and hospital.

Primer coating system :
   • New surface : TOA NanoClean Int Alkali Resisting Primer
   • Old surface : 4 Seasons Contact Sealer

Related Product :
   • TOA NanoClean Int Alkali Resisting Primer
   • 4 Seasons Contact Sealer

Packaging Size : 875ml & 5L

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