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Color and Zodiac
    Everything in our world always has the affection entirely to our lives, including the color. So we can divide by the zodiac in 12 signs to be easy to remember how important of each color in our daily lives.

Color and Zodiac (Aries)
Color and Zodiac (Taurus)
Color and Zodiac (Gemini)
Color and Zodiac (Cancer)

Symbol : Woman

Auspicious Life
Traits :Virgos have mental strength to fight with obstacles in life. They are always strict to the plan. Virgo is sometimes fastidious. They will gain a lot of respect and power as they get older. Virgos always do their best in everything. They have high responsibility and they are economical.

Element : Soil
Element colors : Yellow, Brown, Brick-brown
Good colors : Red, Pink, Orange
Bad colors : Green
Good element : Gold
Bad element
: Water

Auspicious Living Place
Good house colors : Endurable colors are suitable for Virgo as Virgo are economical. Good colors that carry the sense of grace such as brown, creme, brick-brown are good for Virgo's house colors. One color that should be avoided is black.

Good house design : Virgo's house should be well-ventilated. House should be divided into small portions or corners according purpose of usage to let power and energy circulate in the house. However, there should not be a pillar or a restroom in the middle of the house.

Good furniture : Furniture made of wood, mirror or rattan is good for Virgo.

Good trees
: Nolfolk island pines, Ratchapruk tree, Bougainvillea, Crown of Thorns, Jackfruit tree, Star Gooseberry reinforce life energy.

Good land shapes : Land shape can either be square, trapezoid or rectangle

Good directions : South, East, West

Bad directions
: North

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