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Color and Zodiac
    Everything in our world always has the affection entirely to our lives, including the color. So we can divide by the zodiac in 12 signs to be easy to remember how important of each color in our daily lives.

Color and Zodiac (Aries)
Color and Zodiac (Taurus)
Color and Zodiac (Gemini)
Color and Zodiac (Cancer)

Symbol : Bull

Auspicious Life
Traits : The Taurus is always forced into fighting hard to achieve its goals. The Taurus is straightforward, serious but sincere, and contributes a lot of time to work. The Taurus needs attention and love from others. They are open-minded, generous, and friendly.

Element : Soil
Element colors : Red, Brown, Brick-brown
Good colors : Red, Pink, Orange
Bad colors : Green
Good element : Gold
Bad element : Water

Auspicious Living Place
Good house colors : The Taurus house should be in yang shades as these colors bring energy and liveliness into the household. Rooms and furniture should be in red, natural green, blue, and darker colors such as black. Exteriors should be in colors that epresent politeness and grace such as cream, white, light blue or brick colors.

Good house design : The Taurus should build a lot of corners and wings in the house to reinforce prosperity and success. Stairs in the Taurus house should be broken up by landings.

Good furniture : Furniture for Taurus should be made of evergreen trees or steel. These elements the Taurus maintain power and prestige.

Good trees : Mok tree or the Wrightia religiosa will bring happiness to those living in the Taurus house while Orange Jasmine brings good luck. Pamelo tree brings fertility while Temple tree brings about prosperity for Taurus.

Good land shapes : The Taurus land should begin narrow and gradually widens.

Good directions : East, South, West

Bad directions : North

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