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Color and Zodiac
    Everything in our world always has the affection entirely to our lives, including the color. So we can divide by the zodiac in 12 signs to be easy to remember how important of each color in our daily lives.

Color and Zodiac (Aries)
Color and Zodiac (Taurus)
Color and Zodiac (Gemini)
Color and Zodiac (Cancer)

Symbol : Twins

Auspicious Life
Traits : The Gemini loves to wander about and possesses a love to stay close to nature. The Gemini loves justice and often favors giving more than taking. The Gemini is easily bored but is naturally inventive and creative and is gifted with leadership skills.

Element : Soil
Element colors : Yellow, Brick-brown
Good colors : Red, Pink and Orange
Bad colors : Green
Good element : Gold
Bad element : Water

Auspicious Living Place
Good house colors : The Gemini house should be in lighter shades such as light blue, light pink, or any other color that consists of large quantities of white.

Good house design : Good ventilation and comfort are at the top of the list of criteria for the Gemini house.

Good furniture : House furniture should be made mostly of wood or rattan as these elements symbolize power and influence within the Gemini.

Good trees : Roses, Crown of Thorns, Mok tree or the Wrightia religiosa, the pomegranate tree, and Dwarfixora should be planted in the Gemini house.

Good land shapes : The Gemini house should be built on land that begins narrow and gradually widens.

Good directions : South, East, West

Bad directions : North

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