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Color and Zodiac
    Everything in our world always has the affection entirely to our lives, including the color. So we can divide by the zodiac in 12 signs to be easy to remember how important of each color in our daily lives.

Color and Zodiac (Aries)
Color and Zodiac (Taurus)
Color and Zodiac (Gemini)
Color and Zodiac (Cancer)

Symbol : Ram

Auspicious Life
Traits : Aries are enthusiastic, ambitious, and creative. They like to lead and dislike it when taking orders from others. Aires have great pride and are sometimes stubborn. They enjoy a reasonable demeanor and are often the masterminds behind some plot. Aires always know how to achieve their goals.

Element : Fire
Element colors : Red, Pink, Orange
Good colors : Green
Bad colors : Blue, Gray, Black
Good element : Soil
Bad element : Gold

Auspicious Living Place
Good house colors : Lighter shades bring life and harmony to the Aries household. These colors encourage a healthy family life and the accomplishment of dreams.

Good house design : As the Aries element is fire, their homes should be well-ventilated. There should be many windows in an Aries house. Many trees should be planted in the backyard.

Good furniture : :Through the fire element, Aries should bring in wood furniture into the house as wood is a natural fuel for fire. Wood furniture supports the Aires sense of creativity and success in life.

Good trees : Ma-Yom Tree or the star gooseberry Phyllanthus distichus brings adoration to Aries. Tamarind Tree brings power ensuring the Aries leadership position. Bougainvillaea should be planted as it welcomes wealth

Good land shapes
: Square or rectangular land is ideal for Aires as these shapes symbolize a proliferation of wealth. Trapezoids bring wealth, power, and prestige for the Aires.

Good directions : North, West, South

Bad directions : East, Southeast, Northeast

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