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Color Trend

When we talk about the word “freen” it does no merely refer to the color or the conservation of the environment. It is how we conserve and can still enjoy the pleasure of living life. Green, for us, also refers to the colours that can create a peaceful balance for your mind and body. These colors must also be made sustainably and environmentally friendly
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Color Knowledge
    Color is one of the main elements in decorative work. When properly
applied, color can be used to bring together floors, walls, ceilings, furniture,
decorative items, and lighting. Color has also been proven to affect the
people's moods. Therefore, a basic understanding of color and paint is
essential when carrying out decorative work.
The Color Cycle
      Painters and artists have been using the Color wheel as their guide to create successful color harmonies for many centuries - based on the twelve Color wheel Color families.
Color and Feeling
      Colors have a significant psychological effect on people. Colors such as blue, turquoise, purple, yellow-green, and dark green create a relaxed atmosphere.
Color and Emotion
      Pastel colors such as turquoise and green provide a sense of freshness and comfort.
Color and Zodiac
    Everything in our world always has the affection entirely to our lives, including the color. So we can divide by the zodiac in 12 signs to be easy to remember how important of each color in our daily lives.

Color and Zodiac (Aries)
Color and Zodiac (Taurus)
Color and Zodiac (Gemini)
Color and Zodiac (Cancer)


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