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ERAWAN Sugar Co., Ltd.
TOA has expanded the business into sugar industry via the set-up of sugar factory in NONGBUALUMPOO province in 2005.
Office :
111 Moo 12, Naklang District, Nongbuarumpoo, 391, Thailand
Tel +66-2312-8355-61

Thai Seang Charoen (Shark) Co.,Ltd.
     It all began over 30 years ago the small Thai Saeng Charoen hardware store near the mahanak Canal and Bobe Market where they produced an acrylic house paint and lacquer under the brand "Shark" which quickly gained popularity nation wide. As they contiued to expand into the construction materials market, they founded the Thai Saeng Charoen Co.,Ltd. in 1980.

     Toady, Thai Seang Charoen (Shark) is a distributor of paint in Thailand. The company's success is primarilty due to the determination shown by all our departments in developing and producing top quality products as well as selecting teh jforemost foreing brands to satisfy the always expanding local market demands.

     Thai Saeng Charoen is proud of our accomplishment and the contributions we have made to the Thai constructioin industry over the years. We are committed to achieviing still greater success which can also benefit the country as a whole.


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