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Awards & Certificates
Gaining Worldwide Acclaim
     All products made by TOA Group are well-appreciated by customers. This is because the company is resolved to producing only high-quality products using state-of-the-art technologies that respond precisely and directly to each customer's specific needs. This approach has resulted in the company gaining the following certifications and awards : local and international market. TOA Paint Vietnam also.

International quality standards
1. ISO 9001: 2000 - certification for quality management systems.
2. ISO 14001 - certification for environment management systems.
3. Green Label - certification for mercury and lead-free products.

Vietnamese quality standards
QCVN 16:2011/BXD - Cerfitication for Paint conforming to the Technical Regulations by Vietnam Ministry of Construction (MOC)
World-class technology 
1. Acrylic Technology - TOA initiated the technology change from PVAC Latex to Acrylic Technology for producing paints, thanks to co-development between the company's R&D department and the number one paint company in the USA. The company is also the first to use the word “Shield” in its products, starting in 1979, by developing “SuperShield” paint with an aim to provide the best decorative paint to meet demand from an increasing number of buildings at that time.

2. Self Cleaning Technology - Subsequently developed from SuperShield, this technology features self cleaning with anti-fungus and anti-moss chemicals applied to the paint film. TOA is the first and only company to offer a 10-year guarantee with high adhesive and durability characteristics. 
3. Microban - A US-based company recognized as the world leader in technologies that prevent and protect against bacteria and fungus. TOA Group is the only company to have received a Microban license to produce anti-bacteria and fungus paints in Thailand.
4. Hybrid Nano Technology - The combination more than one nano molecules in one materials to create dual effects. The application of Hybrid Nano Technology is a breakthrough in paint manufacturing in Vietnam by TOA.

5. TOA Ecocare - The Green Technology that restrict the use of organic compound in paint, help protecting the environment and avoid harmful effect from carcinogen. This innovative technology is developed by TOA Paint Vietnam refer to the standard of Singapore Green Labelling Scheme: Paint and Surface Coatings (SGL – 032). TOA Paint ingredients now have:
- No lead and mercury
- Low VOCs
- No Formaldehyde
6. Formula improvement in Enamel production with No Lead and No Mercury and the message “Safety for Health” protect the environment and avoid harmful effect from carcinogen

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